Getting Ready: Online Security and the coming Quantum Computing

Getting Ready: Online Security and the coming Quantum Computing
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ACMTech: “Powerful quantum computers able to break the security of the Internet are predicted to become a reality in a decade or so, but researchers say preparations need to be taken now. The Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service presented a scenario it calls “intercept now, decrypt later,” in which a malicious attacker could start intercepting and storing financial transactions, personal emails, and other sensitive encrypted traffic and then unscramble it all once a quantum computer becomes available.

Researchers believe new public-key cryptosystems are secure enough to protect secrets from quantum computers for all practical purposes. One such system is lattice-based cryptography, in which the public key is a grid-like collection of points in a high-dimensional mathematical space.

Rose Law

A second option, known as McEliece encryption, hides a message by first representing it as the solution to a simple linear algebra problem. However, these systems require up to 1,000 times more memory to store public keys than existing methods, although some lattice-based systems have keys not much bigger than those used by existing RSA encryption.

PQCRYPTO, a European consortium of quantum-cryptography researchers in academia and industry, released a preliminary report this week recommending the McEliece system, which has resisted attacks since 1978, for public-key cryptography.”

Source: Nature via TechACM News
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