Arctic Oil: Russia will use Robotic Drilling

Arctic Oil: Russia will use Robotic Drilling
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Last month, the Russian Federation deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, confirmed that Russia is beginning to actively explore the Arctic shelf.
In place of a classical drilling, the Institute of Marine Technology Problems, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, developped marine robots.

The same source states that the pal is to use underwater cities, where there will be robotic drilling machines, all the facilities for the production of raw material and its ascent. The underwater systems will be equipped with ultra-modern monitoring systems. Control centers will receive telemetry data, namely temperature, pressure in wells, seismic activity, the environmental situation.

According to experts, Arctic holds more than 30% of world resources offshore. According to deputy Prime Minister, the work carried out in the future will make it possible to increase hydrocarbon reserves to 9-10 billion tons of fuel.

7453389126_e7216b1d3b This announcement comes amidst the Ukrainian crisis and a month after Shell Oil decided to postpone their plan to start drilling for oil in the arctic ocean after facing harsh weather, massive ice floes, and even whales.
 Source: STRF – Science & Technology Russian Federation
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