Cloud: Neural Networks as a Service

Cloud: Neural Networks as a Service
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As mentioned in Wikipedia, Artificial Neural Networks are computational models inspired by animals’ central nervous systems (in particular the brain) that are capable of machine learning and pattern recognition. They are usually presented as systems of interconnected “neurons” that can compute values from inputs by feeding information through the network. Like other machine learning methods, neural networks have been used to solve a wide variety of tasks that are hard to solve using ordinary rule-based programming, including computer vision and speech recognition.

TechNews: “University of Vienna computer scientists Erich Schikuta and Erwin Mann have developed a system called N2Sky that sets up neural networks in the cloud so their services can be shared like other computing resources. Creating neural networks is challenging, and researchers in different labs have established disparate, mostly incompatible methods for accomplishing neural network-based tasks.

Neural cloud

 Schikuta and Mann wanted to enable any user to access neural networks as a shared resource to solve problems or work with geographically remote people on neural networks. “We present the N2Sky system, which provides a framework for the exchange of neural network-specific knowledge, as neural network paradigms and objects, by a virtual organization environment,” the researchers say. N2Sky will enable anyone to sign in and use neural networks in a validated method via the cloud. In addition, Schikuta and Mann plan to create a search engine for neural networks that will let users type in a problem to find nets that have successfully solved the specific problem or a similar one.”

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Photo Credits: Neural Network by Rick Bolin / FlickR