Japan: Tokoyo Metropolitan Police Department to give cybercrime lessons

Japan: Tokoyo Metropolitan Police Department to give cybercrime lessons
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This is not yet a full technical training to deal with with Cybercrime, yet a first interesting initiative to teach some basics to the officers of one of the largest cities in the world.

The Yomiuri Shimbun: ” The Metropolitan Police Department will hold lectures on cybercrimes for investigators at local police stations to prevent wrongful arrests, it has been learned. The decision came after four men were wrongfully arrested last year after their remotely controlled computers, which had been infected with a virus, sent threatening messages.

The lectures will be given by technical officers trained at the MPD as cybercrime technology specialists. The lectures’ contents will be periodically updated to keep up with the increasing sophistication of cybercrime.

According to a report on the mistaken arrests released in December by the MPD, investigators failed in one case to suspect a computer was infected with a virus so it could be remotely controlled because they focused on the Internet protocol address in their investigation. Cybercrimes range from the sales of drugs or child-porn DVDs to blackmail and fraud.

The MPD therefore is believed to have concluded it is necessary to spread cybercrime-related knowledge even among investigators who are not directly involved in those investigations.

About 100 cybercrime specialists will explain to other officers at local police stations such basic knowledge as how the Internet telecommunication works. They will also lecture on the hacking of wireless LAN and how computers can be remotely controlled by infecting them with a virus.”

Source: The Daily Yomiuri – http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/dy/national/T130317003276.htm Photo Credits: 庁 (The Agency) – By sinkdd / FlickR – Cartoon belongs to The Daily Yomiuri