Swoop: Washington’s World: October 15th – 21st, 2012 – The 2nd Debate

Swoop: Washington’s World: October 15th – 21st, 2012 – The 2nd Debate
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Swoop: “With polls continuing to tighten, increasing attention is being shown to the potential shape of foreign policy under a President Romney. Despite the latter’s October 8th foreign policy speech, which drew very differing interpretations from conservative and liberal commentators, our assessment is that the differences are more apparent than real.

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Behind Romney’s more assertive tone in terms of asserting American leadership and interests – a traditional theme for challengers – there were few examples of where his actual policies would differ substantially from those already in place. Based on our conversations with members of both parties, our feeling is that on many of the major issues of the day – withdrawal from Afghanistan, inattention to the Middle East Peace Process, a harsher policy toward Iran, rebalancing toward the Asia-Pacific, increasing budgetary constraints on the national security budgets – the points of continuity will be many.

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Defense spending may have a slighter easier ride under Romney, but long-term tightening is likely irreversible.

Iran would face a Washington more inclined to military action under Romney, but Obama has already signaled that his tolerance of negotiation is not unlimited. Under either president, Tehran will be in Washington’s sights.

On China, Obama would, if defeated, bequeath an already more adversarial approach to Beijing. The bipartisan recommendation from the House Intelligence Committee to bar the Chinese telecommunications companies Huawei and ZTE from US government contracts reflects growing unease about Chinese cyber capabilities. When added to US concerns about Chinese territorial claims in the South China and East Seas and perceived Chinese unwillingness to pressure North Korea adequately – senior State Department officials will visit the region next week to discuss these issues – it is probable that any future US administration will enter a troubled period in US relations with China. The balanced strategy once exercised by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger will be less compelling to Washington strategists.”

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: President Barack Obama watches the Vice Presidential debate aboard Air Force One with staff, en route to Joint Base Andrews, Maryland, from Florida, Oct. 11, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)