Fuel to GDP: The 13 Most Efficient Countries according to Nomura Bank

Fuel to GDP: The 13 Most Efficient Countries according to Nomura Bank
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Business Insider: “Efficiency may be more important than the total output if global oil prices spike. Nomura have an outline of the most efficient countries in the world, based on the amount of oil it takes to produce $1 million in GDP. The list is dominated (Not Surprisingly) by countries that focus on high tech production and finance.
These countries may be strong bets if oil prices yet again spike above $100 a barrel.”

BBC: “In a 2011 ranking of the world’s most efficient countries by Nomura, the Japanese bank, Switzerland came in first place. In this case, the metric for efficiency was the amount of energy a country requires to churn out $1 million of gross domestic product (GDP). Since Switzerland’s top industries are financial services and high-tech manufacturing, the country only required 90 tons of oil for its economy to make that much money. Japan, another country globally thought of as very efficient, followed closely in second, with 99 tons needed for the same result. The world’s least efficient country, according to Nomura, is Russia, where the country’s cold climate and massive size (about 6.6 million sq miles) requires 1,952 tons of oil to pump out a million dollars of GDP.”

Sources: Business Insider via BBC News
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