Swoop: Washington’s World: June 11th – 17th, 2012 – Greek Parliamentary Elections

Swoop: Washington’s World: June 11th – 17th, 2012 – Greek Parliamentary Elections
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Swoop: “The Administration continues to highlight its emphasis on its new Asia-Pacific policy following the Shangri-La Dialogue. Defense Secretary Panetta’s visit to India allowed him to highlight the emerging strategic deployments of naval assets in the Indian Ocean. From our conversations with official experts, we have little doubt that these shifts in US strategic emphasis are real. US defense companies are already adjusting to new demands for weapons systems able to operate at longer range. However, for immediate purposes, the US finds little escape from traditional sources of concern.

The worsening crisis in Syria is demanding more top-level time, but how to respond remains deeply controversial. The Administration is attracting criticism from defense hawks for moving too slowly to support the Syrian opposition. However, an equal and opposite reluctance to become involved on the ground is, for the time being, holding sway. A State Department official told us: “The closer we look at Syria, the more hideously complex it seems. A civil may erupt if we do not intervene; if we do intervene, this might turn a civil war into a regional one.” In these circumstances, we expect US policy makers to proceed very cautiously.

An equally strong focus of worry is the continuing economic crisis in Europe. President Obama’s political advisers are becoming increasingly worried that European economic weakness is denting the faltering US recovery and, with it, damaging Obama’s re-election prospects. In advance of the June 17th parliamentary elections in Greece, US officials are stepping up their interactions with European leaders, like French president Hollande, to prompt decisive action in Europe.

RT: Economist and Nobel Laureate Eric Maskin on Greece

White House pollsters still believe that Obama enjoys a slight edge over Governor Romney, but acknowledge that the weak economy could still rob them of victory. ”

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