Touch: Apple is looking into Haptic Technology according to Apple Insider

Touch: Apple is looking into Haptic Technology according to Apple Insider
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According to Apple Insider, “Future iPhones and iPads from Apple could feature advanced technology that would allow users to not only touch the screen, but also feel textures and other feedback on their fingertips.”

Apple has shown interest over the years in making touchscreens more immersive and responsive to users with haptic feedback. In March, it was even suggested that Apple had been in contact with a company called Senseg, which sells technology that uses electric fields to simulate complex, context-sensitive textures on a touchscreen device.

A newly published patent application from Apple, and discovered by AppleInsider, aims to offer the same ability to make a touchscreen feel smooth, rough or otherwise, but through different methods. The proposed invention, entitled “Methods and Systems for Providing Haptic Control,” features a tiered haptic system that would be formed by stacking haptic elements.

“One or more arrays of shape change elements such as, for example, piezoelectric elements may be used to actuate a screen surface,” the filing reads. “Arrays may also be used to sense tactile interactions and stimuli on a screen surface.

“An embedded haptic system may be formed by inserting haptic elements into a contoured elastic sheet. The embedded haptic system may provide tactile interactions to a user. In some embodiments, both tiered and haptic arrangements may be used.”

Photo credits: Apple Insider / espejo By A6U571N / FlickR