War Reporter: Gilles Jacquier 1968 – 2012

War Reporter: Gilles Jacquier 1968 – 2012
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Gilles Jacquier was a French journalist, born October 25, 1968 in Evian-les-Bains, France.
He died January 11, 2012 in Homs (Syria), killed by the explosion of a shell while reporting in the city.
He was with a crew of the French television France 2 and eleven Syrians as part of a report for the Special Envoy.
He is survived by his partner and his twin daughters born in 2010.

The death of Gilles Jacquier reminds us of the dangers of war journalism and the risk taken by these men and women when reporting events in areas of conflict around the globe.

Gilles Jacquier’s death report by Euronews

Gilles was a France 3, TV journalist in 1991, then a reporter for France 2 in 1999.
He worked in several countries including Iraq, Afghanistan, Kosovo, Tunisia, Libya  and covered the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

He received the Albert Londres Prize in 2003 for his documentary Nablus (with Bertrand Coq) and the Grand Prize Jean-Louis Calderon, in 2009 for his report Afghanistan: School Blackboard.

Gilles won the Best international report – Golden Nymph Prize  at the 2011 Monte-Carlo TV Festival 2011 for his report: Tunisia, The Revolution in Motion, France 2.

To get a sens of the context in which Gilles was reporting, you may watch the English subtitled report underneath (44 min). Allow few seconds for the video to start.

Tunisia, The Revolution in Motion

In 2011, 66 journalists were killed.
To date, 14 of January 2012 and for this year, 2 Journalists were killed and 158 journalists, 9 media assistants and 124 netizens (Net Citizens) are imprisoned.

Soldier taking cover at Omaha Beach on D-Day, June 6th 1944 –  Robert Capa
Source: http://www.skylighters.org/photos/photo2.jpg via Wikipedia

The combat photojournalist Robert Capa said; If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.

Gilles was always closer than ever. We will remember him for his courage and tenacity as much as we will remember all the Journalists who lost their lives while reporting on the field.

Photo Credits / Sources: FlickR / France 2
More Gilles Jacquier’s reports are available in French on the “Envoye Special” website