The Next Step: After Siri, Apple is looking into Face recognition

The Next Step: After Siri, Apple is looking into Face recognition
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Take the Siri’s voice recognition feature combined with its Artificial Intelligence ingredients and use the iPhone’s / iPad’s camera and you will probably end up with something very interesting. Apple Insider reported a few days ago that Apple the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office published a patent from Apple entitled “Low Threshold Face Recognition”. The patent describes a low-computation solution for quickly and accurately recognizing a user. As mentioned in previous article on Cap Falcon, it very likely that Apple will expand the use of Siri to iMacs, Mac’s and other devices running any Mac OS and iOS system.

Here’s some feedback from Apple Insider: “The filing provides a simple way for multiple users to share a single device, like an iPad. Each user could customize their personal profile with unique wallpaper, applications and settings, and that profile would be immediately accessed once the iPad recognizes a user’s face.

Apple’s application notes that robust facial recognition systems that work in various lighting conditions and orientations can be taxing on an electronic device, requiring resources and draining battery life.

Its solution would reduce the impact of lighting conditions and biometric distortions on an image. The filing describes a “low-computation solution for reasonably effective (low threshold) face recognition that can be implemented on camera-equipped consumer portable appliances.”

Rather than aggressively analyzing a user’s entire face and using up time and resources, Apple’s concept would rely on a “high information portion” of a human face. Potential high information portions could include eyes, a mouth, or the tip of a user’s nose.”

As a vivid example on how this technology can be used, here’s a demo from Recognizr with a mobile application recognizes users and match photos to social networks information.

Source: Apple Insider

Photo Credits: iPhoto Face Recognition Funny By jasonsewell / FlickR