Google: Searching for New Ideas

Google: Searching for New Ideas
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“In an interview, Google director of research Alfred Spector, who is leading a team that is focused on the most challenging areas of computer science with the goal of shaping the company’s future technology, discusses its work in artificial intelligence (AI). Spector says the group is working on areas such as natural language processing, machine learning, speech recognition, translation, and image recognition. The research has resulted in better translation tools that now use parsing, and Fusion Tables, which enable users to create a database that is shared with others and to visualize and publish the data. Spector says that Google’s general approach to AI is actually a hybrid AI, which means that the company learns from its user community.

He says that AI also could contribute to social network communications technology by recommending content or communicating across languages.

Beyond AI, the researchers are working on security issues, specifically if it is possible to constrain the most-used programs to run with minimal amounts of information.”

“ABSTRACT: Google hosted 100 attendees of the 2011 conference for the Association of the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) at our San Francisco office. The program showcased a featured talk from Director of Research Peter Norvig and a lightning talk series on an array of projects relevant to the field of artificial intelligence and its applications. About the speaker: Peter Norvig is a Director of Research at Google. He is a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery and the American Association for Artificial Intelligence and co-author of Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, the leading textbook in the field.”

Source: ACM TechNews – MIT Review –

Photo Credit: Google refrigerator – By Aray Chen / FlickR