China: The State of the Science-related foreign affairs in 2010

China: The State of the Science-related foreign affairs in 2010
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“For the 9th meeting of China’s work science-related foreign affairs, held August 28 in Beijing, some figures were presented on the international science cooperation driven by China.

In 2010, China has established relations of scientific and technological cooperation with 152 countries and regions worldwide. 104 scientific cooperation agreements have been launched, representing an active partnership with 97 countries or regions. China sent 141 diplomats from 69 scientific organizations abroad in 46 countries. Between 2006 and 2010, the China International Cooperation in Science and Technology has funded 1728 projects, amounting to 4.38 billion yuan ($680 millions). More than 3600 foreign experts have received aid from the Chinese government, via four major national programs for foreign scientists. In addition, 21 foreign experts and an international organization received the most prestigious Chinese State for Science and International Cooperation.

In terms of international scientific platforms, the country has established 33 international research centers, 207 centers of International Cooperation in Science and five international parks dedicated to innovation. China also actively participates in major international scientific programs, such as ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) and the IODP (International Ocean Drilling Program Scientific).”

Finally, China transfers its scientific know-how and technology abroad and especially in developing countries through aid for the construction of laboratories and technology parks and support for training.”

Sources: ADIT / Ministry of Science and Technology of the People´s Republic of China –

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