To Motivate & Recruit: China Develops its own Military Game

To Motivate & Recruit: China Develops its own Military Game
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From China Daily “Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) officers and soldiers will soon have the chance to play the army’s first self-developed military game, as it finishes the main development and is in the debugging process.The video game, Mission of Honor, was co-developed by the PLA’s Nanjing command and the Wuxi Giant Interactive Group Inc two years ago, the PLA Daily reported Friday.

The game is set in a soldier’s life at a military camp, and the final mission is to complete a large-scale military drill code named “Mission of Honor”.Its three modules — basic training, individual mission and team combat — provide players with the sense of growing from a rookie into an experienced veteran.

The paper said military games in the Chinese army is still at the beginning stage, and army officers and soldiers’ present entertainment tools are mainly simple games such as chess.

Even though military games were occasionally played in some military commands, the games were mostly developed by foreign countries, which may have different military values and mislead Chinese army officers and soldiers, the paper said. The paper cited soldiers who tried the game as saying that it is “quite fun” and just like a simple military textbook that features professional combat skills and command passwords. Efforts at perfecting the game are ongoing.”

The game follows the United States’ own official military simulation, America’s Army, which Army personnel famously claimed was more effective at recruitment than “any other method of contact.”
As of December of 2009, the United States Military has spent $33 million on the series’ development. Like the 2002 online game “America’s Army”, it has training and familiarization tasks the player has to successfully complete before going off to war. Whereas America’s Army had generic opponents, the enemy in Mission of Honor is very clearly American.