Through the Walls: New Portable Radar enables increased covert surveillance

Through the Walls: New Portable Radar enables increased covert surveillance
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Cambridge Consultants, part of Altran, a European leader in innovation and high technology consulting, announced a new line of popular sensing device to address critical military and law enforcement needs. The size and the possible applications of design are quiet interesting:

“…Cambridge Consultants, has launched the latest evolution of its popular Prism through-wall radar product line. The Prism 200c is a lightweight and inconspicuous device that fits covertly inside a backpack. By simply placing the device against the outside wall of a room or building, the user is provided with intelligence on the location and movement of any people that might be inside that particular room. The simplistic re-design of the original Prism 200, makes this device a highly covert solution for counter terrorism forces and Police Special Operations teams currently deploying Prism technology.

Already used by the military, security agencies and special forces throughout the world, Cambridge Consultants’ Prism technology employs sophisticated software to evaluate the position and movement of people in rooms and buildings, from the other side of the wall. The Prism 200c improves upon this capability, shaving precious seconds off the setup process. The operator can simply lean against a wall to either monitor or record the activity within a building, maintaining cover by operating it via a handheld laptop computer or similar personal device on site.

“The Prism 200c is a real success in product evolution and development,” said Steve Williamson, Prism product manager at Cambridge Consultants. “We are extremely pleased with the redesign of our original through-wall radar, which is based on the thoughtful feedback of many customers and operators in the field. For Prism 200c, we increased the battery life so it can now last up to eight hours and significantly reduced its weight. Cambridge Consultants takes great pride in responding to new requirements and developing complementary products that meet the needs of our partners across geographic and vertical markets.”

Developed for high risk and hostile situations with minimal time and very narrow margin for error, this Cambridge Consultants technology has been successfully deployed by homeland security, defence and special forces, police, SWAT teams and military officers worldwide. Its uses include hostage crisis management and surveillance for law enforcement. Prism 200c is dust-proof and includes a new battery cover design to improve the ease in which one changes the batteries. The device also retains its very high level of protection from water and other foreign elements, with an International Protection Rating of IP68.

The Prism product family incorporates three advances that make through-wall radar technology a highly practical proposition for security personnel: a radar device that is battery powered and highly portable; smart radar signal processing that senses human movement and position – even in environments such as modern offices with a number of radar ‘reflecting’ surfaces; and meaningful data presentation both on-device and remotely in forms to suit the user, including front, side and overhead as well as 3D views. Devices are available in North America, Europe and Asia.

Cambridge Consultants is unveiling Prism 200c at Stand 434 during Global Security Asia 2011 (GSA) March 15-17, 2011 in Singapore. Cambridge Consultants will showcase the device through technology demonstrations and informational sessions at this international conference on homeland security.”