Against the tide: Tech Jobs Boom in the US

Against the tide: Tech Jobs Boom in the US
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While the national US unemployement rate stagnates at 8.8% in March 2011, and the recovery seems far than ever, some key tech players are going against the tide and actively seeking to hire new qualified employees. Some 150,000 jobs are expected to be created in 2011. ACM Technews details the USA today article on the topic.

“Technology companies recently have been on the biggest hiring binge in more than 10 years. Potential employees are being lured with big contracts, bonuses, and perks, and almost 150,000 tech jobs are expected to be added in 2011, according to Moody’s Analytics economist Sophia Koropeckyj. Companies such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are recruiting college students to try to hire them before they graduate, says former Google software engineer Gayle Laakmann McDowell. Some economists see the boom in tech hires as a good indication that the overall U.S. economy is on the rise, since technologies such as wireless, computing, and energy have a big impact on other sectors. Entrepreneurs and venture capitalists are predicting growth in wireless apps, online gaming, and clean tech, notes Northwestern University professor Shane Greenstein. “It is not a classic tech boom, led by a big new opportunity like [Internet] browsing or Web 2.0, but a mixture of a few big and unrelated trends,” Greenstein says.”

Source: via ACN TechNews

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