The End of Privacy: What Might Google Do With Data from Chrome OS?

The End of Privacy: What Might Google Do With Data from Chrome OS?
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“MIT Review: The company’s new operating system will provide it with unprecedented data and advertising opportunities.

“With Chrome OS, Google can obtain deeper system information like specific user behaviors, if they wanted to,” says Daniel Cawrey, an IT analyst and editor of thechromesource, a website that has been tracking the development of Chrome OS.

Google’s terms of service give it the right to use the information it collects for advertising purposes if it chooses to head in that direction. The terms note that “some of [Google’s] services are supported by advertising revenue and may display advertisements and promotions. These advertisements may be targeted to the content of information stored on the services, queries made through the services, or other information.” They go on to specify that Google can at any time modify or extend how and when advertising is delivered and that users must agree to let Google advertise in consideration for granting use of its services.

Google’s Chrome Web browser—a closely related product that runs on other operating systems—also collects information from users, but it uses this to improve the software, rather than to target advertising. Google has published a document that explains what data is collected via the Chrome browser. “Information that Google receives when you use Google Chrome is processed in order to operate and improve Google Chrome and other Google services,” according to the Chrome browser’s privacy policy. In future, however, advertising could conceivably be included under the umbrella of “other Google services.” The Chrome browser does collect information that is of interest to advertisers, such as location data and browsing history.”

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