Honeywell: Head-Up Augmented Reality for Commercial Aircraft Pilots

Honeywell: Head-Up Augmented Reality for Commercial Aircraft Pilots
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Honeywell’s EVS/SVS system combines infrared imaging and GPS-generated graphics to guide airplane pilots to the runway in low-visibility conditions.

“The live feed from an infrared camera in the nose of the plane — which can “see through” certain kinds of bad weather to reveal runway landing lights or other pertinent ground features — is perfectly registered via GPS on top of a 3-D graphical view of the terrain, creating a “blended image” that gives pilots “enhanced situational awareness in low visibility conditions,” says Bob Witwer of Honeywell’s Advanced Technology group.”

The video underneath shows that even with no visibility at all, pilots will be able to see a virtual representation of the terrain ahead and safely land their planes.

From the Honeywell’s website:

“Using performance-based HUD symbology, SmartView helps crews determine the outcome of many navigation tasks, such as avoiding terrain and obstacles. The HUD symbology also helps crews understand where the aircraft is going and makes the energy management of the airplane, especially during critical flight phases such as takeoffs and landings more natural. In addition, the blending of symbology, such as range rings and runway center lines with the terrain assures the pilot accurate distance information that’s easily interpreted.”


Photo Credit: Boeing 737 Head-Up Display by By AviaFilms / FlickR