This is an Exercise: NSA’s Boot Camp for Cyberdefense

This is an Exercise: NSA’s Boot Camp for Cyberdefense
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“The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) has been conducting its 10th annual Cyber Defense Exercise, a contest that pits students from various military academies against each other and against the competition’s leaders at NSA in a bid to see whose cyberdefense skills are superior. The objective is to help the students learn about information assurance and its application toward the protection of the most crucial information systems in the United States and Canada. Air Force Capt. Michael Henson says the participants are tasked with building a network with all of the services mandated by the NSA’s directive.

They must then keep those services operational while battling attempts to bring them down electronically. “All of the faculty have agreed that it is important for the students to be exposed to situations where they can’t guarantee a system is 100 percent locked down and have to react when that system is inevitably compromised,” Henson says. He notes that much of the technology and methods that NSA uses against the student teams also is available in the commercial Internet.”

Source and Interview: via ACM TechNEws