Back: The US Tech Sector in Hiring Drive

Back: The US Tech Sector in Hiring Drive
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“As the technology industry recovers from the recession, many companies have sharply boosted their hiring plans. The hiring increase began in late 2009 when demand for tech goods and services stabilized after months of decline. Google recently hired 786 new employees and plans to continue to look for new talent. “We expect to continue hiring aggressively through the year,” says Google’s Patrick Pichette. Intel recently revealed plans for its first significant hiring in five years, aiming to hire 1,000 to 2,000 new workers in 2010. Meanwhile, Cisco Systems plans to hire 2,000 to 3,000 employees this year, after hiring 2,100 new workers at the end of 2009. Smaller Silicon Valley companies also are hiring. Twitter has added about 125 employees since May 2009 and plans to continue to add workers, says Twitter CEO Evan Williams. LinkedIn recruited 184 people last year and already has hired 154 people in 2010. The company expects to add an additional 300 people this year, says LinkedIn’s Steve Cadigan. currently lists more than 62,000 tech positions nationwide, up almost 22 percent from last year.”

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