Was China Behind Yesterday’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter Outage? (Fast Company)

Was China Behind Yesterday’s YouTube, Facebook, Twitter Outage? (Fast Company)
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“…Think that’s impossible, that China’s green dam couldn’t possibly grow outside China’s borders and fence off other parts of the free-thinking, free-wheeling internet World? Well you’re wrong, it can. The alert began to be raised on Wednesday, when a techie at Chile’s Domain Name System (DNS) registry first noticed the Chinese diverts–DNS being one of the core systems that helps the Net connect up across the World. A global conversation among people in similar roles quickly sprang up as more and more people reported the same bizarre events.

The root of the problem was finally traced to the I Root Server in Sweden, which was, it seems the chief culprit. The servers operators, Netnod/Autonomica, have denied responsibility–they are “currently investigating” but note that they do not “intercept, interfere, rewrite or otherwise alter” the traffic running through their systems.

Of course, given the censor-loving ways of the Chinese authorities, and the fact that the Google affair is still unravelling, the finger of suspicion is pointing very firmly in China’s direction…”

Source and Full Article: http://www.fastcompany.com/1598176/china-green-dam-censorship-dns-error-sweden-world-google-filtering