Marketing 2.0: One Café Chain’s Facebook Experiment (HBR)

Marketing 2.0: One Café Chain’s Facebook Experiment (HBR)
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An interesting experiment shows how new social media can boost a brand and fosters customers loyalty.

“Social media are all the rage in marketing, but should they be? Sure, Facebook is growing fast—it had more than 350 million accounts late last year, 50 million of which were added in the fall alone. But how much do businesses really influence consumers when they launch pages on the site to attract “fans” and to pepper them with messages and offers?

To begin to answer that question, we did the obvious: We set up one company’s Facebook page and measured the effect on customer behavior. Our partner in this experiment was Dessert Gallery (DG), a popular Houston-based bakery and café chain…”

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Photo Credits: “Scott Beale / Laughing Squid”