WIRED: 4 Things That Could Keep 3-D TV Out of Your Living Room

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Big screen LCDs and plasma TVs are so 2009. If TV manufacturers are to be believed, the hottest consumer electronics product of the next few years is likely to be a 3-D TV.

Almost every major TV maker including Sony, LG, Panasonic and Mitsubishi showed big screen 3-D TVs at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. Even content providers such as ESPN, DirecTV and Discovery have promised 3-D channels that will begin broadcasting in 2011.

But before you start saving to buy a 3-D TV, consider the downsides. It’s not for everyone and it may not be as much fun as you think. Here are four reasons that could keep 3-D TVs out of your living room.

– Headaches
– Wearing glasses all the time
– Expensive for producers and consumers
– Too many formats