Mass Senate Race: The mess we are in started before Obama got to the White House.

Mass Senate Race: The mess we are in started before Obama got to the White House.
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Washington’s Post Op Ed, E.J. Dionne Jr, wrote this nice piece on the Democrats struggle to win the Massachusetts race to Senate.
Politics is perception, and the smoke curtain that the former administration kept on the demise of the US financial system, held until August 2008.
After the billions bailout funds, Americans want a quick recovery. They quiet don’t understand how the most powerful economy in the world is still struggling to get out of the crisis.

They certainly don’t realize the extent of the damage, the financial system did to the US economy in the last decade.

Here’s an excrept of the begining of the article.

In June 2008, a few months before the financial implosions began, I asked two smart financiers who happened to be Republican about the future of the seemingly shaky American economy.

Defying the moment’s conventional predictions that we would somehow muddle through, one offered a dire and uncannily accurate forecast. He explained why banks would blow up, investments would crash and the federal government would have to spend “at least $300 billion” to bail out financial institutions.

The other financial expert listened closely, took a sip from his drink, and smiled. “This,” he said, “would seem like an excellent time for the Democrats to take power.

It wasn’t that he liked Democratic policies. He just wanted the other side in charge when things came tumbling down.”