Career Management: The most demanded Jobs in the next 20 years

Career Management: The most demanded Jobs in the next 20 years
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“With the help of the team at Fast Future Research, Science: [So what? So everything] has looked at potential developments in science and technology over  the next 20 years and identified 20 jobs we could be doing as a result of these advances.

What would you like to do?

2012 Update: For a Short-Mean Term Employment Strategy, you may read a more recent article on Cap Falcon which focuses on the current trends in the US: Jobs: The Knowledge Economy and the Future of Employment

1. Body part maker Advances in science will make it possible to create living body parts, so we could need living body part makers, body part stores and body part repair shops.

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2. Nano-medic Advances in nanotechnology for creating sub-atomic devices and treatments could transform personal healthcare so we would need a new breed of nano medicine specialists to administer these treatments.

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3. Pharmer of genetically engineered crops and livestock New-age farmers will grow crops and keep animals that have been genetically engineered to increase the amount of food they produce and to include proteins that are good for our health. Scientists are already working on a vaccine-carrying tomato and therapeutic milk from cows, sheep and goats.

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4. Old age wellness manager/consultant We will need specialists to help manage the health and personal needs of an aging population. They will be able to use a range of new emerging medical, drug, prosthetic, mental health, natural and fitness treatments.

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5. Memory augmentation surgeon Surgeons could add extra memory to people who want to increase their memory and to help those who have been over-exposed to information and need more memory to store it.

6. ‘New science’ ethicist As scientific advances speed up in areas like cloning, we may need a new breed of ethicist who understands the science and helps society make choices about what developments to allow. It won’t be a question of can we, but should we?

7. Space pilots, tour guides and architects With companies already promising space tourism, we may need space pilots and tour guides, as well as architects to design where they will live and work. Current projects at SICSA (University of Houston) include a greenhouse on Mars, lunar outposts and space exploration vehicles.

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8. Vertical farmers Vertical farms growing in skyscrapers in the middle or our cities could dramatically increase food supply by 2020. Vertical farmers will need skills in a range of scientific disciplines, engineering and commerce.

9. Climate change reversal specialist As the impact of climate change increases, we will need a new breed of engineer-scientists to help reduce or reverse the effects. The range of science and technologies they use could include filling the oceans with iron filings and putting up giant umbrellas to deflect the sun’s rays.

10. Quarantine enforcer If a deadly virus starts spreading rapidly, few countries, and few people, will be prepared. Nurses will be in short supply. And as death rates rise, and neighborhoods are shut down, someone will have to guard the gates.

11. Weather modification police The act of stealing clouds to create rain is already happening in some parts of the world and is altering weather patterns thousands of miles away. Weather modification police would need to control and monitor who is allowed to shoot rockets containing silver iodine into the air – a way to provoke rainfall from passing clouds.

12. Virtual lawyer As more and more of our daily life goes online, we will need specialist lawyers to resolve legal disputes which could involve people living in countries and regions with different laws.

13. Avatar manager/devotees/virtual teachers Intelligent avatars or computer characters could be used to support or even replace teachers in the classroom. The devotee is the human that makes sure the avatar and the student are properly matched.

14. Alternative vehicle developers We need the designers and builders of the next generations of vehicle transport using alternative materials and fuels. Could the dream of zero-emission cars or even underwater and flying cars become a reality within the next two decades?

15. Narrowcasters As content on the television, radio and the internet becomes increasingly personalised, there will be jobs for specialists working with producers and advertisers to create news, entertainment and information tailored to our personal interests. While some personalisation will be done by computers, customised narrowcasting to individuals could be performed by humans.

16. Waste data handler As data and information about us increases on computers everywhere, we may need waste data handlers to securely get rid of our data so we can’t be tracked or have our identity stolen.

17. Virtual clutter organiser Clutter managers will help us organise our electronic lives. They would look after our email, make sure our data is stored properly and manage our electronic passwords and profiles.

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18. Time broker/Time bank trader Time has always been precious and time banking already exists. In the future there may be other alternative currencies that will have their own markets where they can be traded.

19. Social ‘networking’ worker We may need social workers for people who may be traumatised or marginalised by social networking.

20. Personal branders This job would be an extension of the role played by celebrity stylists and publicists. Personal branders will work for anyone to create a personal “brand” using social networking sites and other media. The sort of issues they would be dealing with will be what personality are you projecting via your Blog, Twitter, etc? What personal values do you want to build into your image? And is your image consistent with your real life personality and your goals?”

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