Skype: Goes HD and on TV

Skype: Goes HD and on TV
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The future of video calls – coming soon

With Skype on your TV, you’ll be able to talk live to people you know and miss on a widescreen high definition TV. The first generation of Skype-enabled TVs will be available in 2010.

Soon you’ll simply gather the whole family on the couch for video calls with loved ones overseas, and give them a regular window into life at home. And because it’s free Skype-to-Skype, you can call as often as you like.

Main features

Free Skype-to-Skype calls
Call anyone else with Skype
free – anywhere in the world.

Free video calls
Talk face-to-face from the
comfort of your couch.

Call phones, too
Call almost any phone number
at Skype’s low rates.

What you need

It’s really easy. You need three things:

SkypeTvAn internet-connected TV
with Skype built-in.

SkypeTvA webcam specially made
for your TV.

SkypeTvA broadband internet

Custom webcams come with a specialist microphone system that’s designed to pick up your voice
from the couch, plus they deliver great video quality.

Choose from these TVs – available in 2010

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