F5-E: How to steal a fighter jet engine, Malaysian style

F5-E: How to steal a fighter jet engine, Malaysian style
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KUALA LUMPUR – TWO missing fighter-jet engines stolen by military personnel in Malaysia’s latest corruption scandal have been traced to South America, police here said on Thursday.

‘The stolen engines have been taken to Argentina,’ police chief Musa Hassan was quoted as telling Agence France-Presse.

‘We have to check whether the engines are still in that country.’

The Star newspaper yesterday also reported, without naming sources, that the two F5-E jet engines were shipped from Port Klang to another country before going to Argentina.

It added that they were believed to be in the possession of an individual, as the Argentinian military does not use the United States-made jets.

Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi had earlier said that the engines, worth RM50 million (S$21 million) each, were believed to have been sent to a South American country.

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